Abuse of Power

Ministers, Doctors, Therapists, Lawyers, and Cops

As illustrated by the news articles below, multiple allegations are often brought forward when therapists, doctors, lawyers, or clergy (priest, pastor, minister, rabbi, etc.) are accused of sexual misconduct.

Online reader comments demonstrate deep confusion in the community: some people are quick to "blame the victim" while others rush to defend the alleged perpetrator.

Several recent news articles and editorials also suggest that disciplinary action by state licensing boards is frequently inadequate when it comes to investigation and sanction of misconduct by licensed professionals.

Sexual exploitation of subordinates in institutional settings such as the military and prison cases cited below, appears to be coming to the surface in recent years.

Multiple Allegations

News articles containing allegations of multiple victims of sexual exploitation in the context of professional relationships of "fiduciary duty."

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Faiz Ahmed

Victor Arellano

Barry Bailey

Matt Baker

Michael Stephen Baker

John Bennison

John Bussmann

Peter Chi

Brian A. Chigbue

Fernando Cordero

Gabriele Del Bianco

Neal Destefano

Raoul Deveau

Eric DeVries

James Michael Evans

Terry Farney

Willie Fuller

Tobias Gabriel

Michael Clair Garvey

Douglas Geenens

Narandra Gupta

Dennis Hawk

Paul Ines

James Jacobson

David E. Johnson

Harley Michael Keough

Peter LaFuria

Baruch Lanner

John Thomas Matthew Lee

Fernando Lugo

Jacob A. Max

James F. McCarthy

Robert V. Meffan

Edward Moran

Byron Bruce Newell, Jr.

John Nolin

James Poole

Kallambella Ramesh

Constance Reynolds

Raymond Russomanno

Othmar Schroeder

John Schroll

Efrain Umaņa

Jordan Vernon

Charles Weisman

Military cases

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Prison and Law Enforcement Cases

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Department of Justice Statistics on Rape in Prisons

News articles on rape in prisons and alleged sexual assault by law enforcement officers

Confusion Leads to "Blame the Victim" Mentality

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News articles often contain expressions of public support for alleged perpetrators of sexual exploitation or other serious misconduct in the context of professional relationships of "fiduciary duty." See also online reader comments when available.

Why do fellow congregants rally around the alleged perpetrator and not the alleged victim?  Experts refer to the congregation as the secondary victim of clergy misconduct.  For anyone, the idea that someone they know, and especially someone they admire, might be a sexual predator is hard to believe. The psychological defense mechanism of denial springs into play to protect us from having to face the potential reality that someone we have embraced, someone we have welcomed warmly into our homes could be a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Click here to see more about the psychological impacts of clergy misconduct on congregations.

Adrian Cook

Pedro Jose Damazio

James Gallagher

Charles Kanu

James F. McCarthy

James J. McCoy

Joseph McNamara

Edward Moran

Spencer Lee Page

Michael Pecharich

Antonio Ramada

Salvatore Sam Rodino

John Sappenfield

Shashikant Vyas

Henry Willenborg

Fernando Zuleta

Recent Reports Of Licensing Board Failures

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Public Citizen's Health Research Group (HRG) conducted a survey of the 51 boards regulating medical doctors to determine the current state of Internet-accessible disciplinary information.

Demian Larry, Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D., Peter Lurie, M.D., MPH. "Survey of doctor disciplinary information on state medical board web sites." (HRG Publication #1506) (February 2000). Public Citizen notes that some state medical board web sites have changed since the date of this report.

Forty-one boards name disciplined doctors on their web sites. The ten states that provide no such information are: Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. The boards in three of the ten states, Alaska, Montana and South Dakota, have web sites, but the sites do not name disciplined doctors.

Medical Board, California

Indiana State Medical Licensing Board

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts

Oregon State Medical Board

Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Utah

Medical Board, Virginia

Washington State Department of Health

Medical Examining Board, Wisconsin

Chiropractors and Malpractice